I didn’t want to see anyway??? edited

Okay, this is not fun…. I have no up close vision… and my glass’s the tri lens works, but that’s like something up real close…

What I can see, not on the phone or Ipad… tweets, hubby had to review before they went out… one was a real mess…

Tomorrow will be better I hope… I still have floaters in my right eye, so hope, they do something about those….

Left eye… right now, it’s sore and I am ready for bed for the night… AC on, its hot an muggy out… so it will be a quiet night, again I hope… dogs may think other wise…

The procedure was cool… they made sure I didn’t see the lens this time, but I was more alert for the rest of the procedure… even talked… I think… will know tomorrow, when I see the surgeon…

Hoping sight is there and I can jump into research, especially since I am doing ancestry…. got some DNA cousins, would like to add to the tree….

And yippee, the paragraphs are tracking with the app…

Other than several post ops, another CBC for the doc and mammogram… I’m done… nothing is scheduled, because the VA hasn’t done their job… request for dental implants… May 2018…. Request for PT, Neurology and Orthopedics July 2019…. I got a letter that in November they would decide about my ability to eat…. heard nothing on any of my other health care…

My dependent… needed to see a specialist… he had an appointment in 5 days and 2 weeks later, he had a pre cancerious growth removed…

As the Veteran…. like the rest of the veterans… we’ll be dead, waiting on our health care….

Got a feeling my forgetting the eye drops for surgery, my hospital bill went up today… but that is better than dying while waiting for the health care this nation promised me for my oath to it…. so much for the nation keeping its oath to me….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie…. hope the spelling is good, one eyed typing is an experience…..

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