How did I live 50 years and NOT know I had a Stroke???

There are many clues, I have written about them in the blog… Basic training is the most rememberable one… my left side giving out on me in the obstacle course we had to do…

Other little things, my left leg always turning out, causing sprains and the AF, missed that one big time… the lack of sweating… the constant fatigue… the non stop back pain… the short term memory problems… all going down, while active duty… but…

It was all in my head… because to go medical, would have delayed pushing me out… to cover up the rape and attempted murder of my children on a federal installation called Vance AFB…. my heart racing, remembering my saving their lives, again…. but I’m a bad mom….

The journey to Japan and the surgeon giving me a heads up on the rest of my life, he marveled at the amount of adhesions, the AF said were not there, as they strangled my small intestines… intuition saved my ass again…

Back from traveling, settle down to a 25 year plus marriage and move to Hawaii and a young airman murders 26 in Sutherland Springs, Texas…. 2 days later…

I remembered Margie dying 50 years ago at that specific moment in time….

So much I could write about, so many stories I could tell….

If I could only see my cursor and the page tracked with the typing… oh well, later peeps….

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