I told you so….

Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy….

If I had done something different last year, we would be home now…

Instead, I let the devil PTSD have control and now I am doing I told you so to myself….

Last year the dentist tried adjusting the lower partial, which made it worse, so we put it back the way it was…

Now the lingual side of the partial area has my mouth raw and it’s all I got, to help me chew food…

That weight loss I bragged about… I just took a pain pill, because I tried to eat some eggs and hash browns and the pain was too much… the dogs got my breakfast….

I have tried eating without the partial, and it’s not possible, the pieces are to big to chew and swallow, no way to eat properly….

I don’t take the pain med, till the pain hits… and hope it covers me for lunch and supper…. after that, the partial is out…

All of this could have been avoided, if the federal employee at the Hilo VA office on Hawaii, didn’t have a corn cobb up their ass, that I put there!!!!

Oh well….. when I go in for my upper partial, I will be requesting a new lower one… like I said, I may not get what I should get… but I will get enough to cost the VA a few thousand…..

Sgt. USAF DAV 100 % service connected… so much for priority care….. not if you piss off federal employees….just look at petty Trump…..

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