Dropsie’s… not sure I spelled that right, but it’s been getting worse and it started in the military… got wrote up for it… so at least if nothing else that dumb ass dentist I worked with did me a favor… he gave me a time stamp on the progression of the neuropathy…. so thanks Dr. Jacobs… that was 1979…. just a FYI, if you were curious… oh and the write up, I threw the instruments that were in my right hand into the sink… and just a FYI, those are not cheap tools and breakage was easy and no, I didn’t throw them, it was involuntary movement… but thanks doc, you helped with my paper trail…. and yea, I got a copy of the write up…. document, document, document… smartest thing this woman ever did….

Last night, I was putting stuff away and grabbed the brand new electric flat griddle and the next thing it’s flying and I got blood flowing out of my foot…. you have no clue how pissed I am… that is the 3rd griddle in the last 6 months to a year… that I have dropped and busted………………………………

Was it lack of attention to what I was doing or was it the inability to keep hold of something I grabbed….. and I got to go with not being able to keep hold…

All this means… it’s a pattern of problems that have been going on since my service time, so over 40 years…. and it’s just another one of those special gifts that christians gave me, by beating me to death….

So nothing new… except… hubby is in town for an appointment and he called to ask what kind of new griddle I wanted and after I told him, one that goes on the stove… I told him to pick up a new electric can opener… I broke ours this morning….

That is the life of a person who lives with damage to their body, not by doing anything to it….But by christians beating the crap out of a child for 17 years….. so gang, I got no love lost for any human that calls themselves anything but human….

Which begs the question, who the hell do I get to vote for president???? Rich get off easy, the powerful never serve behind bars or in orange and religion continues to lie, steal, rape, cheat and murder…. and most of you support it….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because you don’t know who is religious or not, until they open their holes….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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