No Giving Up…..

Quitting… not part of my make up…. I knew in 98 I was done working… with all the chaos from the strokes and no answers… I was not able to live life and function in a job… and the psych tests showed PTSD….

21 years later and I have my answers and it took me fighting a broken VA system to get them….

The information I don’t share, shows I have had continious health care my whole life… and 90% of that care… Government… via Military dependent, to Active Duty Veteran, to Disabled Veteran to private insurance and medicare kicked in 2001…. so you see, though I don’t say it… I have never been without health care and I have the VA, Military and Civilian medical records to prove it…

My biggest gripe, no matter how many times I complained of the same symptoms… no one pursued them… they wrote them off as part of a misdiagnosis in 98 at the Spokane VA and no one ever questioned it, but me….

I have to own the fact that we moved a lot over the last 20 years… but my care was consistent and on file at each VA…. and civilian records were provided to the VA…..

One thing every doctor here on Hawaii told me… and I mean every doctor…

The records they get from the VA are full of 3rd party rhetoric… you know employee (FEDERAL) employee comments… that have zero to do with health care and everything to do with that federal employee keeping their job… TRUE STORY…. and as with my records…. I have 2 other veterans records mixed up with mine… FYI…… BOTH MALE!!!!!

This has gone on since I was born…. and I am living it’s failures right now…

But those in congress, get the best of care… the majority of them will come out of congress multi millionaires….

And we are just suppose to bend over and say….. May I have some more please???

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… I have never seen morales, values, ethics, integrity, truth, honesty or transparency in government in 65 years and they say they are religious and believe in god????….

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