Health Crisis, how to take on the VA on Hawaii….

So, I am at this crossroads of health issues, created by the HILO VA office on the Island of Hawaii… so what can I do, to fix or get the care they are denying me????

Lets go with a little back story history of why the dental issues the Hilo VA let get out of hand, became a health crisis… and I am not going to get the spelling… I still can’t see to change settings, even on the computer, but I will try…

I was told back in 84 I had a sliding Hiatal Hernia… in other words, my stomach moves up and down… and initially the thought was it was genetic, inherited… but we didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle… this issue has bothered me since I was a child… which is why I was so skinny….

When active duty, in 78 the doc said, “Your rib cage is so calicified, you would think we are looking at the ribs of a 65 year old”… I was 24 at the time… there is the first clue…

I have had my stomach scoped 6 times… each time the stomach was in a different position, according to the measurments they take, when the camera is in the stomach and yes, you are sedated…. the last scope was in the last 10 years by the VA…. no need for more… it has a pattern that is recognizable to me now… thus the weight loss in 98 that freaked everyone… I was down to 116 pounds… because of the stomach moving so much…

In 96, bladder surgery… in 2008 bladder surgery…. 2009 bladder surgery and removal of transmesh…

In 98 the doc told me my rectum was loose and I was at risk for down the road… so I started trying things to make my bowels work better and not put stress on the rectum….

By 2009 the rectum was detaching, because of the transmesh the VA left in me for a year… damage done…

It took from 2010 to 2018 to get a “Rectocell Procedure”… major surgery… don’t ya just love prompt health care by our government….

Only one problem with that procedure… if I have any more issues with my rectum or bladder, I am looking a a pelvic floor rebuild, the last chance operation… none left after that….

So you see, my diet is very important… I don’t have bowel operation like you do… I have to take enough magnesium, it keeps mine liquid…. so it’s beyond major importance that I be ABLE TO CHEW MY FOOD TO GET THE NURTRIENTS I NEED!!!!!!!!!!

and right now and for the last 3 months, chewing my food is not happening, which puts bigger pieces in my herniated stomach, which has to process large chunks and that means it goes through my bowels in larger amounts and here we are, passing food that is not fully digested and creating a problem for the rectum, just repaired last year…..

I tried adding fruits to the diet and got reminded that the rape at 12 years old, introduced interstatial cycstitis to my body…. so between the rectum and bladder… my diet is fast becoming a non diet of food or more like processed foods that I can let break down in my mouth, without having to chew….. doesn’t make sense I get it… but live in my body, no man could… they would go running for mommy….

Hubby watch’s me struggle to eat and swallow and he sees the spasms my chest goes into, when trying to get bigger bites of food into my stomach…. thus the ice cream, I was able to just swallow it, no chewing involved….

I eat, don’t get me wrong, I eat… it’s the chewing and making the food possible to work with my body, not against it… and I am increasing the amount of magnesium… only one problem with that…

I have adhesions that attacked my instestines in the military and nearly killed me… the pain from what I am doing, is not just with the mouth, but from the mouth all the away to my waste system…. not enough pot to make this bearable… but I am smoking enough to find out!!!!!!!!!

I plan to ask the dentist office, when they open next week for all the documents about the implants and start my own investigation… nothing will come of it… seen that way to many times, investigations buried, so the federal employee keeps the job and the veteran suffers… but…..

It’s called a paper trail that will eventually make the light of day and expose the corruption of the system… maybe not in my life time… maybe it will help the next generation of veterans....

Must be nice to sit in congress and get paid so much and have the best of health care, while veterans like me suffer more than we ever would have on the battle field….

That is a sad but True Story…. heard in the news of military death, via Taliban… when will our lives mean anything????

When religion is no longer part of society and laws and equality for all happens… right now…. so much for an enlighted 21st century….

Sgt. USAF DAV 100% Service Connected………

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