I want to stay at the kid’s table…

Funny, getting my memories back has been beyond any roller coaster ride I tried… and yep, been on the corkscrew at Knott’s, got off and cussed in 3 different languages… never did that again… the ride… that is…

I believe the reason my life is so good, even after all the strokes and beatings and rapes and destruction of my career by government cover up…. even after all the screw ups with military and VA health care…

I have the best of lives… why??? Because I get it…

I have lived life, had a brain that would have gone places… had a memory ability, to die for and I did… die for it…. had a personality that still attracts the broken and lost…. had so much void, I thought it would never be filled….

Knowing… knowledge is the drug that makes my world go round and I don’t ever want to leave the kids table… because I thirst for my knowledge….

Not knowing about the strokes and injuries, made life a constant battle to find the person locked away in my brain… not knowing kept me in the dark for over 50 years… because a human called Freda, played the only god known to man… a human god…. as for, forgiveness, it will not come from my lips…

that time passed when I stood in her kitchen in 2010 and told her I was missing memory and she refused to provide information…. life will deal it’s blow… not me…

I want more time on earth to explore all that was denied me and time is running out… or maybe not… I may be the exception to the rule for having had so many head injuries and strokes…..

I hear a giggle in the back of my mind and it’s Margie, reminding me never to leave the kids table….

She’s right… knowledge is the only thing that can make you grow….

I’ll never be far… from that kids table…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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