I smoked my first hooter in 1978…..

I entered the Air Force in 77… never did drugs of any kind… but I did like a good cocktail… learned that on Okinawa, when I dated GI’s…. as a teenager… I was the teen…

But pot or any other drugs, never had any interest… and as I grew, I learned why…

I never could tolerate anything like speed, they gave me a diet pill in the military and oh my, it was Jekyl & Hyde… I passed… caffeine and I, not a big fan… cigs, more of a habit, than addict, quit cold turkey… after 30 years of playing with that… but pot…..

Now pot I was introduced to it in the military… and I found, I liked it, some… but I could tell, something was off with it, and with us growing our own here on Hawaii, free of chemicals, I get what made me like it and hate it back in the day… but… it helped… it calmed the chaos….

Why the confab… Hubby is an alcoholic and he picked up his first hooter 48 years ago….

He was going to college at Las Cruces and was on the Deans List every semester and graduated with a 3.8 GPA…. he got one degree in Architecture and was working on a 2nd degree, when he got ill and had to quit…

The mans brain, supposedly fried, according to science… and he was on the deans list…. now, don’t get me wrong, if he smoked pot, while doing school, he couldn’t remember crap… so, we saved that time for when no school at all… he made good use of my Military benefits… as my going to school, will never happen….

So, as for science and the damage drugs and alcohol do to the brain… Hubby will be 65 next year… and he’s one of the smartest men I know… and just a FYI… he started the booze at 13…he’s working on rebuilding those cells that went pooof…..

So though science has it’s say in our lives… so does, genetics, environment and most of all desire to grow…. only humans have that ability… not so with the religious….

I Remember… sometimes….

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