Eye Surgery & TBI….

I have had head injury since at least 5 years old, that can be proven… any injury before that, I can’t confirm…

My vision didn’t become an issue, until the stroke on Japan after the Texas beating and near death….

All of a sudden I need glass’s…. and that continued for the next 50 years….

Last week, I had cataract surgery in my right eye… and according to recovery… it could take days, weeks, months or years for vision to stabilize, so you’ll likely need glass’s, if you are among that group….

I can remember getting car sick after the first head injury from blunt force trauma via adult…. from that point on, vision and I never were the best of friends… headaches, light sensitive, depth perception… thus the motion sickness…

This cataract surgery is taking me back to when the first remembered head injuries occured…. and lets put it this way… me and the car, not working together… our road to the highway is up and down little hills for several miles…. not a big enough barf bag and head hanging out window… not happening….

They told me that depth perception could be off for a while and the headache I got in the back of my eye, is telling me just that…..

I think I need to go find the motion sickness pills and sit still for a while…

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday…….

I Remember… Margie….

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