Rape… the taboo subject… edited

Rape is not an easy subject to talk about… It has been in the fore front of my thought process, since Trump became president and watching Kavanaugh get put on the Supreme Court, under the guise of christianity….

Every rape I was forced to endure, was by a christian…including the raping of my soul by christians… the body they took, the soul I took back!!!.

The first rape, I was 12 years old, he was a Staff Sargeant in the Air Force and he raped me as I lay next to his 6 year old daughter, in the middle of the night…. I was the babysitter….

The next rape happened in Bonita, LA… up the street on the corner at the gas station… Freda was out having her fun getting pregnant with my half sister… and the sister younger than me… showed me true christian love, with her spite and envy…. again I was only 12 years old…

About that time is when the IC, I can’t spell it, but will try… it is called Interstatial Cystitis…. painful and impacts the foods you can eat, such as breads and fruits… all from the SSgt in the Air Force… that said he was a christian….

The next rape happened on Okinawa… night of the foot ball game, and he worked for my dad and was in the Air Force… I was only 17 years old…

The next rape happened by a cousin, upon our return to America… I was 18… take and you shall recieve… he profess’s to be a christian….

The next rape happened in uniform… I was in between one of my many marriages and was invited to a party off base by a couple of officers… and when I reported the rape, I was asked… “What did I do to invite such behavior”…… The drink tasted funny and I have bits and pieces of that drugged night, but the faces of the men that took their turn, never left my memory….. so much for officers and gentlemen….

All this happened before I got to the age of 30…..

Men who profess to be christian, just like Trump, Kavanaugh & Thomas….

Want to call me a liar… oh please do… I remember each and every man…. and the house the officers lived in, Enid, OK……….

Rape is not a subject I talk about… It, the christian form of faith and cruelty has touched me my whole life….

Christians have done more damage to America’s Democracy, than any war, ethnic or sexual orientation impact….. Christians like Trump, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Moore, Mcconnel… have infected our nation…..

Another shooting in Texas… not at the border… not by a border wall… in a small town called Midland & Odessa… we used to hear the news about the kids games, those towns were a part of our environment, when we lived there…. how sad, that a mans sick words can do so much damage… and I am referring to Jesus christ and Trump…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie, and the face of each rapist wafts by in my mind… you never forget, when someone takes from you…. never ….

I left one out deliberately…..

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