What woke me up….

I knew, when the tooth broke at the gum line, and it still has sensation for hot and cold… I was screwed… and it hasn’t been that off the chart painful… but it lets me know it’s there…

As for the drainage that woke me up… my guess and I have not reserached this… but with an exposed piece of calcium that has nerves, yada, yada… it isn’t dry and brittle… it’s living… and because the root is now exposed, air, when I breathe or eat, it is drying out and stuff is draining, because the tissue is now rejecting it, yada, yada, yada….

I do know that the continue pounding on my left side, will ultimately compromise that bridge and I will have no upper teeth, except the 2 front ones… damn did child hood just come full circle on my teeth coming in as a kid… sorry no pics of me with missing teeth…

By having our realtor drop the price and put a time frame out there… it makes decisions for me…

We can find out if anyone has been watching and waiting for a price drop and should get a quick offer… if no one has… we will be spinning our wheels until the 15th of Sept…..

If the VA does nothing to address this issue in a timely and safe manner… come spring, we are shipping our stuff home and we are leaving… the house will be up for sale, but we won’t be here to put up with any more discrimination against this woman veteran…..

So why the time difference??? Easy moving with dogs during the holiday season… NOT HAPPENING….

You want to see a mess at the airports here, fly during holidays or summer… and during the summer, you have to have seats a minimum of 25 days in advance with the dogs… ours are big pups… we found this out this summer when we thought we had the house sold and bought tickets and lost money… not again…

So if no offer by September 15th, we are off the market and I fight to see if the VA will do the damn job I wore a uniform for… Trump doesn’t do his job, so why should I expect a health care organization to do theirs????

Been down this road before, because of corrupt republicans and chrisitans… one of these days people will be impacted and have enough of mans, man made god….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember Margie….

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