Sale Price Lowered… Hawaii house for sale…

Getting woke up at 3AM by blood and some other nasty taste in the back of my throat, made me realize… federal employees on Hawaii are playing god with my life and they don’t have a right… NO ONE DOES!!!! NOT EVEN GOD TRUMP!!!!

So I sent the realtor a new listing to put out there with a lower price…

If we get no accepted offer by the 15th of September, we are off the market and I start asking news organizations and who ever will listen, why aren’t I getting care and why is it some dumb ass on the East Coast gets national attention in 2016 for not being able to get an appointment at the VA and while I, a 100% SERVICE CONNECTED VETERAN is being denied care????

Bigotry in America, thanks to the christian religion… and until it impacts you… go about your little lives… because it’s coming… Why??? federal employees are your neighbors and relatives… are veterans….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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