Dental patient bled out…edited….

Back in the day, when I was a dental tech in the Air Force… I had no knowledge, understanding, comprehension… nada, when it came to medicine… in fact, I couldn’t even remember much of school… so naive and ignorant when I got to the base DDA… direct duty assignment from basic training… no schooling… I learned on the job…. and found it fascinating

I remember one patient, in his 20’s and we extracted I think all 4 wisdom teeth… and as usual, we gave him a briefing on what not to do… made sure he was okay, because back at that time… you just got numbed up to get teeth extracted… no laughing gas in our clinic or IV’s….

So we sent the kid to the barracks, where he lived with instructions… and I don’t remember all of the circumstances on his death… but I remember he was found in the barracks, passed out on the floor, and he bled out….

Since I wasn’t of rank to have knowledge of what really happened… I can’t tell you anymore of the story…

It did change the way we sent patients home after dental surgery…

I do wonder if the kid had a blood disorder, much like my hubby… we didn’t know about it, until we did DNA testing thru oncology… he has a clotting disorder that is genetic… same can be for bleeding….

Dentist or doctors don’t always get it right… I am a prime example of that issue…

I beat myself up, because when I saw the doc Mon, he looked skeptical or I am just being paranoid… that goes hand in hand with TBI’s…. and it’s a battle I fight once in a while, because…

I doubt myself… something I am learning to let go… and it’s only because … Christians told me I was stupid and beat that into me…IQ in 1985 was 136…. so you tell me….

I have proven by taking IQ tests and a recent one at El Paso… the IQ is up there, above the average person… and just a FYI, Trump is not even equal to average intelligence and that is typical of the christian faith, they lose themselves, just so it’s everyone elses fault…. seen a lot of that lately, even in print…

I didn’t get a choice… Christians beat me from the day I could walk and did so, until I walked out the door… that is the last time any human on the planet hit me… a christian was the last and only people to ever hit me or rape me….

But how I deal with all that is going on with the corrupt VA system… I can only do so much… I am not wealthy…. I live payday to payday… because of what Trump has done to trade… it costs us more every time we buy food or order anything, we are paying out an extra $750 a month… because of christian Trump and his base…

At some point and time, it will backfire on them and just like the NRA they will back track, make concessions, until they can get a foot hold on our courts and government again….

I hope with all I am, Kavanaugh gets removed from the Supreme court and Trump ends up in Orange… and religion is ruled to be delusional… per psychiatry…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

My IQ has no value except to pencil pushers… Without education, my abilities are limited by what I can comprehend and remember… To me the IQ is more a psychological understanding of life with a unique perspective because of my TBIs…. What ever gifts I had before the death at 13, are more like ghosts in the night… sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can not… TRUE STORY…….

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