Word Press Working….

Since the update to this specific machine, by Windows…. that update, as it does its things in the background, changed a few things, that I had to undo… do they really tests against other software???

Remember, multiple TBI’s…. I learn by repitition, and software updates to certain programs I can deal with, some I can’t, because I don’t really know them well enough…

No issues with word press… no signing in, no changes to the setting, though, still can’t find the spell check… couple more weeks and I get one eye back….

Can I say for sure Word Press was not the issue… no…can I say it is… no….

The delay to access the writing page is over 10 seconds…. the delay to post a blog is, according to the machine and it’s data, takes 3 seconds, though it does hit twitter within 1 second….

I run all the proper protocols for security plus some… could that have been the problem, I haven’t changed any of them… so doubtful….

Adobe used to drive me insane with some of their stuff early on… not having good vision is imparing my ability to fully use this site, in fact, all of the new software I bought in the last 6 months, has not seen much activity… got to be able to see what I am doing…. did enough for the realtor and I was done…

If no issues arise, even after our IP might reset… I’ll own it… it was a software conflict, which is now resolved… we’ll see…

I Remember… Margie…

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