Not a shock…

After the last of the bridge broke off in my mouth last night, I got to see exactly how bad the VA dentist from Arkansa screwed things up with my two upper front teeth an, I was not shocked to see the bone the Endo doc from Arkansas VA put in, definitely put my bite 100% off from normal and explains why for 10 years I have not been able to use those teeth to tear my food😡😡😡😡😡…No excuse for medical negligence!!!!

As for the tissue in my maxillary, its extremely obvious I HAVE AN INFECTION!!!!

Explains all the migraine headaches and sinus problems the last couple of years….

Sleep, got maybe two hours…. My Maxillary sinus is beyond unhappy, my mouth throbs an one side of my face has no structure, its the walking dead look…

All because in May of 2018 my dentist recommended implants an I pissed off some bitch federal employee at the Hilo office and here I sit….

Christians are a dime a dozen, along with their lack of integrity and professionalism…I wrote about my last trip for post op last summer….and that was when Oahu got pissed at me, because I called them out!!!

Stand up for rights and christians in government play god….

Look at Trump……

Hoping the doc does as I request, he is no longer in charge of my dental…I AM!!!!

SGT USAF DAV I Remember people once had souls until they got RELIGION!!!

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