Who or What is the ROOT of All Evil???

Ever have one of those days, where you just got to explore and find out the answers to the questions you keep beating into the ground… today is that day for me… the cataracts are off to the side and I am getting to do some reading… and I have had fun….

When I research something and all I can find is religious rhetoric… I know that science is not ready to give an answer on a question… i.e. does a heart beat denote life… Science is not in agreement with the religious and I agree with science…

I died, my heart stopped and christians say that denotes life, when in reality it’s the brain that determines if we are alive or dead… an no there is no heaven, no flowers and no family… just total darkness when you die… been there and done that, thanks to christians…

So I am trying very hard to find anything tangible, based on FACTS and not Stories…. and religious have all kinds of crap about the root of evil and quotes from the man written bible that my 30th something uncle revised… you know King James… yep, I’m from that bat shit crazy line…

Still haven’t found anything that agrees with the religious, but some of the religious rhetoric agrees with the studies done by psychology…. funny how that works sometimes…

Religion, is a mixture of pagan, chrisitan, muslim, hindu, yada, yada, yada…. a collective society that needed a way to deal with the large populations and they stole the laws out of Africa and made them into laws they couldn’t follow… because idol worshiping is huge in christianity… cross, man named Jesus, church’s that become holy, just because someone said so… much like Mauna Kea….

Ya know I wouldn’t have a problem with religion if it was clear cut and no gray area that can be exploited to rape children, because a priest is not really a priest… or to beat children because you say you are christian, but in reality you should rot in prison for every blow you laid on me…. or like Trump you lie and steal and rape your way to the top, because the religious believe a heart beat denotes life??? Just wow on that mental illness….

When you have died and come back… life looks a lot different from the rhetoric that people like Trump spout….. you can actually visualize the horns and tail on people like Trump and the Pope… got no use for anyone that thinks rape is acceptable and the mentality you THINK you have a say OVER MY BODY!!!!

When religion is 100% equality to all human life, I might look at it differently… but humans enjoy being in control… and they said Slavery was dead in America…

Not according to the internal scars my body carries… the only heaven and hell… the state of your mental capacity… True Story….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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