Putting on the Ritz…

Weekend shot, cleaning up an setting up for buyers… Hubby outside cleaning windows, carpet steamed cleaned, never got carpet in the tropics… Touch up painting done, stainless an granite polished… damn I feel like this is a military inspection before moving out of base housing… True story…

It is hot an Hawaii, islands are setting some temp records… with the humidity, it feels like 90 outside, nice in the shade, but humid….

Gave dogs baths, they smell from the heat, turn AC on and big boy is on his way in for a nap….

Weekend was stressful, we had a couple little projects we were taking our time on, till we got hit for multiple showings… they are finished now😳

No way the AC can cool whole house… they do not insulate them at this elevation, so the heat outside has entry, just cooling main room for us… tomorrow house will be open, since so many in and out…

No news on today…too many voices not calling out the true issue in America… Religion…

We are still debating living on the coast, east side is like the deep south, not my favorite attitude…west is more liberal….

Hoping we get an offer as a banger drives by and I can hear it all, with the AC on🀬🀬🀬

Will never get destroying your hearing for boom boom boom, go in the Army or Marines if you want boom…

Left temporal lobe has been a pain, always curious why??? Is it the neck, spine or head??? Playing twenty questions with ones self leads to some shocking answers, that are best left in the brain recess….

Body sore from rub right an rub left, always working the weaker stroke side… who needs a gym… elliptical getting used, to hot for me to walk at end of day….

We are both hoping for an offer…Dentist fix’s partial to make more useable this week, but pain in that quadrant is very much there, not sure if tissue or bone…

Sleep, wow last night brought something forward an it will take time to digest it…never dull with PTSD and amnesia….

A move in October would be sweet, get an offer that works an leave after second eye operation….yep we are ready for a vacation…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie an the first symptoms of IC after the rape at 12…

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