Moral Leadership???

Biden says Trump has no moral leadership…. well at least Trump lies in plain sight and doesn’t hide behind a church that allows the raping of children by priest….

Moral leadership means having morals…. and you can’t have those if you believe in gods…. Why???

Because their is no “god” in “Humanity”…. only “Human gods”, that play with peoples lives, rule and dictate what women can or can not do, because women are a threat to what men think is man hood…..

Moral leadership is being able to look at anyone and see only their soul and not the skin color, religious beliefs or sex…..

When humans hide behind religions, they do the worse to each other…

I know… I died at the hands of humans that profess to be christian…

I know… I was raped at the hands of humans that profess to be christian…

I know… I was lied to, cheated and stolen from by those that profess to be christian….. all before the age of 18…..

After a while, you realize the label is nothing more than just an excuse to do the worse to your neighbor… because of hate spewed by leaders who say they have morals… and the base that willing follow for their own agenda… i.e. El Paso & Dayton shooter….

So far not one person running for president, has stood up and said, the church has invaded our democracy and all we hold dear as freedoms is in jeopardy because the mentally ill have taken a toxic hold through religion….

Bigotry is a choice and every human I ever met that had religious beliefs, exhibits bigotry…. because you think your god is real…. but you can’t prove it, can you…. I can prove your bigotry you hide behind, called christianity.

Our forefathers said church and state should stay seperate… instead their are people for some mental disease issue, think they have a say about my body… that is “SLAVERY”!!! our forefathers didn’t have a problem with that… says a lot about their morals…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember Margie, who died at the hands of christians who say they have morals……………… words are cheap, their marks upon my body speak loudly…

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