Facial Neuralgia or Trigeminal???

I have not done research on this… just enough to question the symptoms I have lived with since I was a teenager… so over 50 years…

Numbness, pain, tenderness… You know I been popping 600mg of nsaids for my mouth, because the VA is so concerned after a year of pain, being on these is such a healthy thing to do??? NOT!!!

A couple hours ago I got pain and I thought instantly, the extraction site, but nope, pain wasn’t coming from that spot, so I thought the other tooth that had been forced loose by the bridge that failed… nope, wiggled the tooth and it is actually tightening back up in the bone, so all those crest flouride rinses helped….

So where is the pain coming from??? It’s not the side of the face where I got the last blow to my head….

The pain is coming from my right cheekbone area that is part of the maxillary and I sat and thought, when, who and how did I get the injury and a flash came before my eyes, reasonably sure it was Freda hitting a little child with adult force and likely fractured my cheekbone… and it now has some arthritis in it and since I already know about the neuropathy… the likelyhood that my Trigeminal nerve has been involved since I was a child is very plausable….

At least I let the doc know that a couple weeks ago and the consult in for a Neuro specialist that works neck up… will be on my calendar in a few months… those docs are hard to get into see here, not many of them… hoping for the female doc PT recommended….no clue if I have a say in my care anymore, like I did under Obama… it’s VA death care… not health care and you fight for every appointment… so sad federal American employees do this to us and don’t stand up to the system… it’s about a paycheck… know that for a fact…

I let out a breath of air and it hurts, up in the maxillary area… another pain pill to pop… my kidney’s hate this stuff, but only thing I can tolerate that isn’t narcotic and opiods make me puke…

Cement the partials in, go take a pill so when Mike gets back from town, I can eat… the weight is stable, but lots of meals are left on the plate… dogs are really liking me… go figure they are gaining weight…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, no one wanted to hear… but I never quit talking… I never gave up on me…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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