Off the market…

It’s official… took the house off the market… after today’s stock market and how they reacted to China devaluing there currency… things are likely to get dicey sooner than I thought they would… and right now, we are good where we are at…

Hawaii, with all it’s little problems, is a good place to live and other than the “Bangers”, which has slowed down, because construction has slowed down, so those workers are not driving up and down our road banging to their hearts content… thankfully…. just the couple of residents do it or who ever….

Plan to try again next year, IF the market will support the price… been through this before and really glad we have equity, going backwards won’t happen here, but stagnate they can and right now prices are trending down… so we can’t compete with lower prices and I can’t lower the price, till I am comfortable with it… so stay put we are…

That allows the Senator’s office to investigate my dental delay on care… the doctors request for neurology and PT are in the works and I have one eye surgery already scheduled and looking forward to getting my sight back… it’s now like looking through cotton gauze bandages… not all the time, but often enough to be intrusive into active living… got my first bill in the mail….

Flossie is giving us some very warm rain and warm temperatures… like walking around on sticky floor…. Since we had planned to give the buyer an allowance for the carpet, we are going to continue the Pergo flooring into the bedrooms, which will make the flooring continous except the baths, those are tile… cost us either way and we do the labor and save thousands… another fall project, after my last eye surgery and before company will want to come…

So to my cousin across the pond… you got my number, you and hubby want a Hawaii vacation… text me… spring is always the best for cool and calm weather….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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