Anger is subsiding, some….

Am I angry??? or just pissed off that the living is praying to a god that man made, just so they don’t have to admit what they did to a child and how those cruel evil things they did, left me with a broken body???

Hmmmmm, not sure… The shootings are indicative of racism and hate… I only hate religion… an idea… I feel sorry for the people who lose themselves to religion and how it takes away their humanity… but like I write… life is about one thing and one thing only….


Something the religious did not give me, instead they took of my body and my life and they tried so very hard to steal my soul…

The scars my body wear and carry, are reminders daily of what the religious did to a child… and all before the age of 18….

I always felt like I was born old… since the memories have come back, I know why….

When I knew I was missing memory, I had the woman alone, no place for her to run… but I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t raise my hand and I did not take from her…. but she knows her god……………..

I don’t get racism… I experienced it in 79 when I dated an African American Captian… he out ranked me and oh my goodness was he ever handsome… and just the sweetest guy ever… much like my husband today, in the sweet personality….

I don’t get skin color, culture, ethnic, anti simatic, sorry about spelling… I just never got it and I raised my kids to never see anything, but the person before them… never the surface… but look into the eyes, the window to the soul… that’s what I see when I look at people and most people do not like to make eye contact…

I don’t get the shootings, that are being done by Americans against Americans… but I get the brain washing of religion and a culture that finds it acceptable to let their children be raped in churches….

I don’t get how Trump can casually stand their and bold face lie and you can see it in his eyes… he’s working for Russia, or they would have already done their worse???

Makes ya wonder, American, Trump will never be… ever…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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