Ambidextrous… I thought so…

I doubt this has anything to do with anything… but my aunt Tiny said when I told her how the family tried to kill me her words… My name… you been through so much??? Now what the hell did she mean by that??? and I wonder if she has a clue how Freda used Tiny (is Don’s baby sister) as a scapegoat when Don was in Vietnam… we went hungry and supposedly it was all Tiny’s fault, for wasting gas… you got to understand, I was only 12 at the time, still had my memories… and when we went hungry in Bonita… I knew exactly why we went hungry…. momma’s boyfriend… yep… my half sister’s daddy… the baby that cost me my life in Big Springs, Texas… and what has this to do with right or left hand usage… just thought of it, that’s all….

When I was in the Air Force as a dental tech… I had to use both hands, and had to be quick about it when in surgery…. so I had a clue as early as my late 20’s… I was ambidextrous… I just didn’t try to write with my left hand… it was as if a memory said, use your left hand to write and you will be punished???

Now there is a memory from Kansas and I am pretty sure that was the TV interview as I call it and I always thought, that because I was actually left handed, I had been punished and got that confused with the TV interview… with me so far??? Me neither….try living in this non stop movie….

The memory is of being taken to school K or 1st and Don would not make eye contact with me when I said I was being a good girl… somehow… he has something to do with that beating of that 5 year old baby… but if you look at that picture with Freda digging her fingers in my arm… I would say, both were equally cruel…

Anyhow, in the shower just now, I remember all the blaming Freda put on Tiny about wasting our gas, yada, yada, yada… while she went to work on the uncles farm dressed up…. okay, yep, she thought her kids were stupid… never missed any of that crap she pulled, always was watching her… probably why she wanted me dead… and she almost succeeded with the bastard child she conceived, when it was born….

So right/left whats that to do with the write… sorry, thoughts come to mind, I put them down… in the shower…. shall we go back….

I shaved my leg with my left hand… and I have been right handed since 3rd grade, at least I think so… what woman in her right mind shaves her legs with a blade with her non dominate hand and doesn’t slice it somehow, because of lack of control???

I had 100% of control, using my left hand… and recently tried writing with my left hand… 100% legible….

Not only are the memories waking up, so is the body… PT should be able to help me achieve much more…

Hope springs eternal…

Night all… flossie peetered out and we are going to enjoy the calm till the next storm… but its hot, muggy, uggy… right now…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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