Nightmare Muscles… & Bangers… ugh!!!

Ever have a muscle in the left side in the back about where the Rhomboid muscles are at…knot up like a sailors knot and stick out of the tissue???

Back in 2000 or there about, I had a muscle in that area, that knotted up so bad, it protruded through the tissue and when we got to Spokane VA ER… the nurses totally freaked… me, I was just doubled over in pain, because I had no real use of my left arm…

When I did PT earlier this year, I learned a lot about anatomy and injuries and everything I brought up, went directly back to the stroke and major brain injury near death in Big Springs, Texas….

I get ghosts of memories about that time, but nothing I can say 100% with my edetic ability… that it’s a true memory… I have run across a couple false memories, but those were based on Freda & Peggy story telling to protect themselves, when my memory kicked in, those stories went in the trash, just like I do every time Trump or his base open their mouths… truth only has value if it is truth…….

I toss my head a direction to my left and that muscle says, beware, the pain I caused yesterday, you are triggering again… and yesterday was full on pain med, muscle relaxer and doing any and every stretch I knew to get the muscles to quit torturing me…..

I struggle daily to maintain my core… which keeps my shoulders back and square and my spine straight and pelvis properly titled… I have struggled with this since the Texas killing at 13… the only time in my brain, that is not complete… freaky huh…

They say you will usually remember before, during or after brain trauma, but likely you will loose one of those… and I think the neurologist I saw early this year got it right… the memories are there… I just have to wake them up and be willing to go into the dark place chrisitans live… that ideology I will never understand… but to get to the end of my journey, I have to step into the darkness of this religion… and I find my body tilting forward… so hard to keep the form, even with the exercises… such a battle to be mobile….

I have been told, life will be like this forever… and I think back to when there was a time I didn’t struggle to maintain my body… I get to 13 years old and know… it has always been a struggle… makes me wonder if that beating at 5 triggered a stroke???

So many questions and the living are hiding behind their chrisitan god… Honest you can’t fix stupid and that garlic farm and moat are getting bigger in my mind… just saying….

Flossie is showing her head, expect some heavy rain and some wind… not bad so far, but November is still a long ways off…. no interest in the house, we are over priced… I want to drop the price $10,000 but waiting to see if they are going to do implants… and if they do, off the market and try again when the dentist is done… so no decisions, waiting on Sen Shatz’s office investigation, which can take a few weeks…

Other than the Hawiian bangers up and down our street, life here is good and how do we know they are Hawiian… well gee, let me see, flags that are bigger than I bought hanging off the back of their bumpers via a large stick…. and they are the Hawiian flags, which I keep waiting to hear about a death accident, because a flag ripped loose and covered someones windshield…

protest all you want, but don’t put peoples lives at risk… Domestic terrorism here, but that’s not how they see it… wow… oh a “Banger” as we call them is someone with a couple thousand watt sound system and I can hear the noise on the toilet, door closed and could tell you the name of the song… thus the name “BANGER”… you can’t fix stupid and Amazon keeps selling out… big time sigh…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie

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