Head Pain, never left the building….

We may get up at 5AM, but it could be 9AM before I get lotion on my face and do my routine… somehow, we always get side tracked into something…. and as usual I was putting on face lotion, and touched the right temporal part of my face and said ouch and as I arch that eyebrow right now, it hurts… why????

I have mentioned this several times over the last few weeks to Mike about that area being sore to touch… there are many areas of my body, I didn’t use to bother with, because I had been told as a child not to touch… now I know why… they are sore areas from the beatings and you’ll say how can that be all these decades later???

That is an easy one if you went to school and learned anatomy, but looking at our country… education is not helping…

When I hit my chest on the steering wheel in a slow speed accident, the only one I was ever in, while active duty… the doctor told me, ya hit the worse place on the body, it may NEVER NOT be sore… that was 1982, military x-rayed me to make sure nothing got broke, we didn’t have air bags at that stage…

I learned at that time, we have several areas on our body, once injured, they will always hurt, unless you have permanent nerve damage and have no feeling and connection to the pain source, convuluted, but their is meaning…

Same goes for my skull… I remember Freda hitting me in the head with a hair brush after the TV interview beating… because I said it hurt my scalp when she was brusing my hair, explains why she wouldn’t let me have long hair, she had no patience to deal with a child, who’s hair tangles to this day, it is extra fine is it’s thinness….

I have never been able to tolerate any pressure on my skull, not from eye glass’s, which are spendy, when light weight… not from hats and military hats, UGH, hair bands, scarfs… nada… can’t stand to have anything that impacts my scalp and skull, so wearing my hair up takes practice to avoid pain, now you get why growing my hair out is such a big deal… I deal with non stop scalp and skull pain… thanks to mommy dearest…. Couldn’t even let my grand kids comb my hair when they were little…. I missed out on so much, because of pain….

Everyday, memories surface, bits and pieces that make a whole… so much ugly and no kindness…. my parents are consumate christian actors and that is really all christians are… putting on an act, so they can buy their way into their man made heaven… segregation at its best…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie, whose voice was silenced by christians… not that they aren’t still trying… Face Book won.. freedom of speech is an illusion…. so is freedom, because christians are telling this woman what she can do with “HER” “BODY”…..

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