Life is not about how Fair it is…

I hear this all the time… Life is so unfair??? Are you for real??? Who the hell said life was suppose to be fair??? Only the religious believe that life has a balance between fair and unfair….

Reality of life…. Choices…. The choices I make, may very well have a impact on your life… regardless of what heathens like Trump and christians spout… this man made god is NOT going to even the playing field… If that was possible, we would have NEVER had WARS on our planet…. humans are greedy and ugly people… just that simple…

Life will never be fair, if you look at it from the view point you deserve, yet didn’t want to work for it.. and that is a christian head fake… god will give it to you… honest you can’t fix stupid… when peeps believe in white mans or brown or black or yellow mans gods….

Every choice humans make, has an impact on more than just themselves and the christians in America know this, which is why they are fighting so hard to be in control of everyone else’s life, but they can do as they please, which they do daily by mass shootings, rape, theft, lying, cheating… you name it… but life isn’t fair according to them…

Life dealt me a hand I didn’t ask for, totally unfair and totally chrisitan….

They beat me to death and they raped me multiple times… All before the age of 17… and because I bought into the religious head fake about fairness, I thought how unfair my life was and it dawned on me…

Only chrisitans had a say about my life, because I bought into the lies christians spread… Once I dumped the head fake religion…. lifes fairness actually came into play….

I had a choice…. I had a choice…. I had a choice…. I had a choice….

I may of not had a choice as a child, for all the evil things christians did to my body… but as an adult….

Only I am in charge of my happiness and the only one who can play god with my life… (though the Veterans Adminstration tries daily)…. is me… The only one who can make me feel whole and happy…. Me…

No religion or other human can make my life complete… that is entirely up to me…..

Up at 3 AM due to dental pain… this is so getting old… Off to see the dentist to get it all documented… only way to take control from the corrupt evil chrisitans running the Veterans Administration….. Document, Document, Document… and boy do my VA records have lots of evidence… I really need a good lawyer that knows how to go after the government… it’s time to make the Christians make my life a whole lot more comfortable…at their expense….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIdidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV 100% Service Connected…. I Remember… Margie….

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