Hurricane Season….

On our walk this morning, Mauna Loa was clear as day, which from our vantage, it usually is in the clouds… and Mauna Kea is clear… not this morning… so I am asking those who believe in positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, what ever you think is good… send those thoughts to the people on Mauna Kea…

It can be brutally cold up there and with hurricanes stirring up our waters, the mountain is getting hit with rain, low clouds and colder temperatures…

There are several thousand people up their protesting and many are children and elderly… yea, I get they are doing it to themselves… but when you are passionate about what you believe, you will not always do what you should for yourself… thus my issues with religion or superstitions… but these are still people and they aren’t going to leave, just because we have hurricanes headed to our side of the island…

Just a FYI, we are on the Big Island, storms have a habit of hitting us hard….

So please send all the good thoughts you can, and maybe mother nature will be nice and not drown us like it did last summer….

Mauna Kea is a beautiful place, but weather can change on a dime up there too… and mother nature does not care what you believe…


Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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