VA Denies me Implants??? edited

As a dental tech from the Air Force… I know how bad things are in my mouth and how dangerous it is, with upper teeth going bad near the brain… and when you have had as many TIA’s… brain bleeds as me.. you get a little freaked over dying from dental infections or septis….

Mike contacted Sen Shatz office… My dentist asked for implants in May 2018 and the VA god has decided to play god….

I have one tooth from that bridge that they extracted one tooth from, that is not getting better and the bone and gum is inflamed and it makes it hard to wear the partial… so, salt water rinses, crest rinse and water rinse… everything I can do, to keep the area from becoming abcessed….

I am beyond furious that they denied me the implants to start this process… I am a 90% service connected Veteran, priority 1…. total rating, 100% DAV!!!

I have lost over 10 pounds since the 1st of July… all because of my mouth and as a senior citizen… weight loss should be managed, and I am already thinner than I should be… and I am having to take 600 MG of NSAIDs which is dangerous for a person who already has had multiple strokes!!!

Health care in the VA system is not health care… it is death care… and that is a fact…. because playing god, is what the VA does…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

fyi, the dentist and I will be seeing each other very often, in fact Wednesday…I am fed up with over a year of dental pain an see the doc and bitch is the only way to get through to the dumb ass playing VA god, they can pay for emergency care!!!

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