When Command Lies…

I was beyond naive when I went in the military… in many ways, I entered the Air Force at 23, with the mindset of a 13 year old… as it was exactly 10 years apart, my near death in 1967 at Big Springs, Texas, Webb AFB at 13 years old and I entered the Air Force in 77 and was stationed at Vance AFB… the same base my grandfather served at during WWI & WWII… ya know the greatest generation to have lived… if you do the research about that generation, you will quickly change your tune… just look at the Catholic Charities organizations that housed millions of orphaned and abandon kids from this so called great generation… Freda was one of them and the impact of that is my body of evidence… my body….

I entered the Air Force based on everyone else’s beliefs and morales, because I had none… My mind was still in recovery mode, because I was never told I had suffered several major brain injuries…. 5, 8, 13, 14 and the last one at 17… those I can confirm… the others are all concusions and I had over 20 of those…. my head hurts just thinking about what that child went through….

Reason for the write… I replayed my board hearing in my head and it didn’t dawn on me at the time, but they only brought 2 people to rant against me… over 100 people put forth letters of commendation and support forward in my defense but defense refused to call any to testify… but it wasn’t about me doing anything wrong… this was about me opening my unfiltered mouth, which was just starting to come to life… circa 1983… cuss words came much later…

I also read my board again a couple years ago and literally threw up, as I recognized the pattern of abuse of power… seen it my whole life… I quit federal employment in 96, because USDA was just as corrupt…. walked out the door and didn’t look back…

I watch as Trump plays this game of cat and mouse and notice the subtle behavior of a mad man… a man who has the codes for nuclear war, and I hope who ever is babysitting this fat baby, keeps those codes out of reach… and lots of burgers in reach… ya know…..

Trumps behavior is exactly what I put up with in the military… a reputation I didn’t even get to earn as sex crazed person and I tell Mike of the rumors and he just smiles, as he knows the truth… but those who wanted to believe, were the ones I told no… Not my right as an Airman or Woman to tell men in uniform no… but this woman did and it cost me….

I am not saying I didn’t have my fun… holy cow did I ever and embarassed I am not… I know my recovery from the brain damage was happening and as uninhibited as I was during those 20 years of recovery…. you would think I was a right wing christian I am so far the opposite… just a little on the crazy side, as my grandkids will tell ya…

Men in power lied to protect a base, whose reputation already had so many holes in it, the rape and attempted murder of my children on a federal installation would have been the commanders last job… it was for the 1st Sgt of the base… it was his kid that did the crime… and they couldn’t get them off the base fast enough to cover up the scandal and no FBI… lives destroyed over a military base… much like what is happening on Hawaii… the impact will hurt us and I am scrambling to figure a way not to loose our investment, so we can afford to move….

Men in power protecting objects instead of the humans lives around them… that is a complete and total head fake of the religious and superstitious, just so they can get away with crimes against humanity….. it is called snake oil salesman…..

Welcome to the real world of christianity….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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