Free fall after the abnormal brain wave…

Not a sensation I care for and it really explains why I dislike roller coasters or carnival rides… I can do them, but the body has to be medicated to keep the stomach on the inside and not all over the people around me, which I have done before… after the TV beating… that memory makes me smile, because, oh my goodness did it stink and all over daddy’s new Belair…. happy sigh on that one… I was 6 years old and recovering from the first severe brain injury…

The one thing about this autonomic neuropathy, in my body, it hits everything… mainly the esphoagus, trachycia, stomach, instetines, both… bladder, lungs and heart… to my knowledge and all test have shown pancreas is not impacted, probably because of it’s location and protection from the blows… we are not sure about the liver, the test to see if I had a tear at any time I guess is not fun and I have no memory of issues with that organ… but the ones impacted by the blunt force trauma… those take me on a ride from hell and back and there again….

This last one, the abnormal wave from yesterday… caused a free fall effect… I was in the kitchen making dinner and it happened and thankfully I was up against the counter and that let it keep me from sinking, in my mind… the body didn’t move… it was all brain…

I call it free fall, because it reminds me of a elevator when it was in free fall before the emergency brakes kicked in… just a second or two, but if you have ever flown and they hit turbulence and you get that extra bump up that makes you float, something like that… and yes, I have been on way to many different kinds of military and civlian air craft… really don’t like flying and that’s how we have to move home… oh yea… not….

The neurologist who diagnoised me with these two neuropathies, just gave me a list of supplements to take and sent me on my way… guess I could have gone back for help, but none was offered… so figure this out on my own, nothing new…

So anxious to have my cataract surgeries, so I can do some serious reading… pull some late nights like I used to when on the trail of evidence…. and information…..

Long day over, hot during the day, cool at night… Hawaii… it’s just so nice when it is quiet like it is this moment in time…. just the night creatures…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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