Life returning to normal?? Is that possible with TBI & PTSA….

No clue what PTSA is huh??? lol… I had no clue about PTSD either, supposedly I was informed in 98 and If I had been I would have been appealing my discharge… so lets get real about how the VA really does not work for veterans… though Rubio says he talked to me about PTSD in 98, I have no memory and when a shrink tells ya you got Edetic ability, you know when people lie and catch them… so I got no clue why the Spokane VA says I was informed… I never have been, by anyone and that is a fact…….

I simply requested a copy of my appeals and evaluations and that is how I learned in 2011 I had PTSD, because of an appeal… the VA is beyond incompent and I fought hard to get Tuscon, & El Paso VA Directors fired and they were… presidential elected, and removed…. now Trump has taken away our flexibility and we are back to acqusitions process through the VA and they were the ones killing us before Obama…. so enough of that rant…

PTSA…. when I stood in Freda’s kitchen and told her in 2010 I was missing memory, how little did I know at that time I was in for the ride of my life and I tell ya straight up, I took flying lessons on Japan… do not like roller coaster rides and this brain and mind trip is beyond any ride or plane I have ever been on… and that is a fact… sometimes I have to grab something, just to feel grounded…. true story….

When I got the copy of my appeal in 2011 and I went back over the conversation with Freda, mommy dearest and all the conversations I had with Peggy… I knew I had been played to keep a secret that never was… they tried to kill me, they had extramarital affairs and I have a sister that is not my dads…. yep, ya can’t make this up… at least I don’t have that ability… it’s just what happened and is happening….

I asked all the right questions, but the doctors had other ideas about what should be done about me and keeping the base pretty and proper with no scandal of rape and attempted murder… I had no chance in the military to get answers… by the time we left Japan, I was waking up from my nightmare that started in 1967… this was 87 when we came back to America…

By 2017 I was ready to implode, explode and take as many with me in the process…. and it happened… a young airman, deranged, murdered 26 innocents in a little town in Texas… and that was my trigger to start remembering what they did to Margie….

I had for decades wandered why I didn’t remember my childhood, only bits and pieces and I kept asking questions and got nothing but lies, much like what Trump and all christians do… truth has no value to them, nor does life… just look at the border…

When I told Mike Nov 7, 2017 I had a story to tell about Big Springs, Texas and Webb AFB…. my world opened up like a flower kissing the sun…. and it is still opening up… so much has come back and filled my memory files… some memories I have tug of wars with… they are so violent, it is hard to go into the darkness of christianity and their violence… which they brag about in the bible and every street corner… disagree with them and your life has no value as I found out at 5, 8, 13, 14, 17 years of age… and we know I suffered 8 major head injuries, countless concusions and several strokes…. all at the hands of christians like Trump, Moore, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Graham… need I go on???

At times It feels like I am being silenced… Face book shut my pages down several times… the last time was enough of the bigotry and hate from christians… but you are not allowed to give them the same treatement… sounds so much like Trump and his christian corrupt base… I would so love to look in those closets… can’t begin to imagine the horrors that would be found… but their god will forgive them… honest you can’t fix stupid and I give up trying…

The body and mind are both adjusting to the changes… the physical changes, because of the exercise to keep my mobility that christians took away from me once before… The mind… no longer on thyroid meds or hormone… so it’s just my chemistry at work and some days I can keep that unfiltered mouth in check and other days… I wish I could record peoples reaction when I let loose… some laugh and some look freaked and I just walk away shaking my head asking what the hell happened to humanity and then I remember….


TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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