Been there and done that 5 times before the age of 40 and each and every time it cost me… and I was the one with children… yep, men and how they screw ya if you don’t give them what they want…

Big fight tonight, over nothing, both tired, hot and weaning off of pot… but I didn’t say anything I haven’t said before… not so with hubby and right now… hubby can go pack his bags and I will happily put his ass on a plane back to Washington…. but that is all he will leave with… his bags of his stuff… nothing else… as he reminded me tonight… I am the one with the money and I am the one that got us this far with how I handled my money and his contribution….

So that got under his skin… the woman with the money and the fact that I don’t say the word “we” alot… I don’t do it enough ever I guess… I have no clue… I don’t articulate as well as I would like when speaking and I have always left words out or used the wrong words… but that’s all my fault…. just wow… you think you know someone and they let ya know… they aren’t really happy, because you the woman… is in charge, in a manner of speaking…

I can’t begin to mention how many times before hubby had to give up work, it was always him making decisions, along with me…. but when he got sick and I had to figure out how to survive on half the income… and that income happen to be mine… things changed some and obviously hubby is not happy about being a well kept man, even though he makes jokes about it…

For me divorce is a no brainer… I don’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes, I can do what I want, when I want and how I want… I don’t have to discuss anything with anyone… because it’s just little old me… and it’s beginning to look like it may just be little old me again…. 25 years may just be my longest marriage and my last….

I am over men who think women need them… it’s great to have a partner in crime… but men have been in the front of women for so long, that they have no clue how to walk alongside or behind a woman or partner…. and I am so over ego….

In the past, I would have kicked his ass out the door and told him don’t let it hit you on the way out… right now… I just want to kick his sorry ass…. for being an ass….

Todays blow up by Mike was an eye opener and the words said can not be taken back… and they will fester in my brain until I decide to act on the choice I make down the road… and I have 5 very surprised ex husbands… I want ya to know…

Being an independent woman is the best choice I ever made… being financially independent is freedom unto its self…. will we patch things up???

This go around is different… he used words he should have never uttered….

Even your best friend, who knows the physical and psychological trauma you been through… they too will use those tools against you and it just shows the true character and nature of the person…

Only time will tell if this will heal or if the wound will grow… I know in my mind the direction it could go… but psychic I am not…

I don’t feel I have a best friend or partner in crime… Right now I feel like I have Don or Freda Bagwell living in my home…that is a feeling that will never be welcomed while I live….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIdidntTelll

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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