Life without Cuddles….

Enid, OK circa 1978….

Cuddles, I have been searching my memories of my childhood, those that have come back and I know are true memories and I can only find one memory, which would put us sometime in the area of 1959, give or take a year… and the memory is in Bonita, Lousiana….

The memory involves dad (Don) gone hunting with family and friends… We are in this tiny little travel trailer and if you ever watch Lucy and Ricky in that long travel trailer, cut that in half for 4 people…. but 2 of those peeps were under 6 years old….

Mom (Freda) is reading to us on the bed in the what they called the master in that tiny trailer….

It is the only memory I have of Freda cuddling me, but she wasn’t really cuddling me, like I am doing my children…. No, It was me pressed up against her as she cradled Peggy and that is why the memory is so important…

In this abuse picture, Peggy is on the other side and Freda is gently holding her… as you can see, I am not so lucky…..

covered in bruises and blunt force trauma fractures, look at the head, those are bruises….

So I can safely say, cuddles was not part of my up bringing… In fact, I have no memory of affection from either parent after this picture… no it was all about Freda’s desire to see me dead and she tried and finally succeeded when I turned 13 years old and after that death experience, she tried again a year later on Japan….

I tried to be the parent to my children that I never had… but when you fight a enemy you have no reference for, life becomes anything but what it was supposed to be, only because a white christian woman decided that her daughter, who has Edetic memory, was better off dead, because Freda’s secrets would go to the grave with me….

Ooooops I think the cat is out of the bag about my remembering….

There is not much I don’t remember about my childhood and the trauma the people I called parents did to me or the lies and manipulation they perfomed on my siblings…. much like what I see Trump doing…

wow, you just can’t fix stupid and I have an excuse, Multiple TBI’s, MRI proof of strokes and head trauma by christians like Trump… that is the only way they will take over America, through violence… they been doing it since the Salem Witch Trials… Now it’s just out there for the whole world to see, white men like Trump are afraid of you and me….

Holy crap on a cracker you can’t fix stupid…. I got a 1,000 kits on back order….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, just look at Trump and Kavanaugh….Opportunistic rapists….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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