Trumps con, gave me my answers….

I have been trying for over a year now, since I saw the mental health nurse for some counseling, basically give me a direction to go for getting my answers and she was helpful, but one thing she said about Freda got me really thinking about Freda’s con…. her game, much like what Trump is doing… Smoke and mirrors… so their agenda is the only thing that matters… Not you or me… just them and that is why their con is so brillant and pathetic…

Both people, from diverese backgrounds, one dirt poor and uneducated and the other wealthy and uneducated… but… both are con’s and use the christian faith as their disquise among the sheep…

The mental health nurse thought that Freda’s issues were in the direction of mental illness and in some way she is right… what happened to Freda as a child left a scar on her soul so wide, the corruption of the christian faith had no problem taking hold… as for Trump, he just uses the christian faith as a tool, that dude is about as religious as a rattle snake….

Freda’s issues are all about what she feels she has a right to, what the world owes her… not what she owes the world… she made concisous choices to manipulate, lie and control the lives of the children she brought into this world, with trumped up lies about religion, god, yada, yada, yada… You do know we are born atheist???

As I was her 2nd born, when she could not manipulate me, she made my life a living hell for the 18 years I lived in that house of horrors… she got her kids to do her dirty work, yet, she takes no responsibility for what she did, nor does she now… and I once said I would take care of her…. not happening, that I can promise and again, no different from what Trump is doing right this minute…

Freda’s issues are strictly about what she can lie and manipulate to get what she wants, all the while knowing, I died, that their is no god, because I died and she is using her religion to live the life she wanted at everyone else’s expense… same goes for Trump… he does love to lie, to bad he can’t keep them straight….

I was told one brother is bipolar, which I highly doubt… he exhibts all the signs of repressed memories… As for Peggy, she swears she had an infarct, I provided my MRI proof of stroke, she never produced one… so, she is in the game of religion for the same reason as Freda and my younger sister… to hide behind, because of the crimes they committed against myself and my child….

Trump is no different and that is why I find it fascinating that so much of the population is showing their true religion, which has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with fear and bigotry…

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix it’s self and as long as they are getting away with tax free establishments that spread hate and malignancy among Americans… we are not headed any place but down… just like what happened in Germany with the Nazi movement that has never been totally squashed… it all comes down to fear about being exposed for who and what you really are…afraid of your shadow and the skeletons in your closet… mine is empty… how about yours???

Me… I just be a little old human being who is trying to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes the present is making in history….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

WhyIDidntTell, because men in power protecting men in power and the women who think they need that piece of meat between the legs… You really can not fix stupid… you just can’t…. Amazon keeps selling out of the kits…

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