America’s rejection of Trump will be???

If you think about it, and I was alive during the hippy days, is that how you spell Hippy???

Anyway… I remember when Nixon was brought down, old enough and smart enough to know, this was just history repeating it’s self… remember the days of Elliott Ness???

Clinton reminded us that men have a habit of putting their wick in the wrong places and the gullability of women who think sex, means love….

Trump… my oh my Trump…. the dude always struck me like a greasy used car salesman, and in the day, they had them… I guess they probably still do…

But Trumpism… Trumpism is not new… it was around during the Salem witch trials, because of greed and bigotry…. Trumpism was around during Nazism and still is, if you ask the Germans… and Trumpism was around in Russia and East Berlin….

Now Trumpism has infiltrated our homes, our business and your places of worship and along with that Trumpism… fear mongering, because I look different from you and you look different from me…. Really????

Damn I could have sworn only the human race walked upright with any brains… guess if you believe and support Trumpism…. human you are not, nor have you ever been….


LEAVE IT!!!!! per your fearless leader Trump and take him with you and don’t let the door hit ya, on the way off our planet… called Earth, the place of the human race and home to humanity…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie….

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