What is going on with the internet….

Frustration is beyond where I was… but the sweetest ladies, at AT&T, 2 of them, both very articulate and spoke excellent english that I could understand…. helped me get this far….

After I got my Iphone unlocked and did all I needed to do so we can change carriers, I started on Mikes phone and before you say it, these phones are new, and AT&T could not explain why Mike’s won’t work with Itunes…

So here I sit, with the Iphone backing up to the cloud, which we NEVER use, it’s been hacked 1 too many times…. and as I look at Mikes phone the number of minutes for back up just keep climbing…I so dislike Apple and it’s products… they are just as corrupt as Trump and christians….

While I kill time waiting for Mikes phone to catch up with me… I did some things on line and noticed that there is some weird crap happening again…. but again it could be weather south of us interfering with our Satellite signal for the internet and things are just slow or delayed… ya know like a TV broadcast, that 2 second delay… same with the net…

Mike had gotten off Face Book and closed his account and I asked him, hows our daughter and grand kids going to reach us… and I thought as I said that, ya know they all have our phone number…. so back on FB he went, though reluctantly…. he hates looking at it or using the apps that go with it… same with me… I don’t like them either…. and ultimately if he wants to quit, I got to stay quiet….

And the minutes on the Icloud back up climb…. what a waste of technology….slow, cumbersome and not effective…. I back our phones up manually to my computer and back that up to an external hard drive… Itunes is over rated and a waste of time….

We have spent a little time today looking at property here on Hawaii…. I have become more reluctant to pack up and move back to what???… Bigotry and hatred by christians on the soil my family gave all for???… I’ll pass….

Health care on Hawaii is not that expensive and for me to use my medicare and bypass the VA works, here… Mainland, could get expensive… as for VA health care… it’s more like VA death care… again I will pass… Medicare, I have choices… VA plays god…as do it’s employees…

So at this point and time, we don’t have a plan… We still plan to sell this house… it is too small for us and we have no view, except the fauna around us… though I can hear the ocean when it gets a wild hair….

Now we are up to 30 mins on that Icloud backup… what a waste of time and money….

So not sure what we will do… We both have doctors, so do the pups… We both are established here… We are financially sound and have options….

We just haven’t decided what options we intend to pursue…. We figure if anyone is really missing us, they will come see us… other wise, why should I waste my money, time and effort to go see them???? Been there done that!!!

Well it looks like this back up will go on for longer than it should and I have other chores I could be doing… Mike is installing the new steel entry exterior door and new screen door… So I think I will go do what I can, While APPLE makes my life miserable by choice….

So over these corrupt companies and humans….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

Anyone else notice screwy crap with Word Press??? Censorship alive and well when people dislike your words….

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