Waiting on Trumpism to implode American Business’s!!!

What a 24 hours…. Nightmare with AT&T and lil bro works for them, so go figure on that cluster fuck….

Got my phone registered with Consumer Cellular for half the money AT&T wanted and we have NO SERVICE on our cell phones because of a problem with CC!!!!

I am so over tech companies like Apple making our lives a living hell and we are suppose to be happy about the frustration, angst and pain in the ass bull shit they expect us to put up with…

Life was so much easier before technology came along and fucked up our mental health and personal lives!!!!!

This behavior by companies has gone on since the depression and stock market crash decades ago and they are taking full advantage of consumers and getting rich off of it….

As I sit here and wait for a CC rep to come on line, I just get more pissed… The room is hot, it is baking outside and all I have done for over 2 hours is try to get these phones done!!!!!

Mike is outside baking trying to get his stuff done and I think we are both ready to go jump off the cliffs.!!!!

The more our companies in America go the way of Russian ethics… the less business I do with those said American companies….

So over stupid and you really can’t fix stupid… I tried buying kits on line and not one place or store had any kits in stock….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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