One Day at a Time….

I took up that philosophy many decades ago…. even though I am a planner or prepper, you can choose the label, I only wear one…. Human…..

Yesterday and the few days before as we transitioned to a life minus the marijuana…. has been testy, but expected… any time you break a habit, the brain revolts… nothing new on that front….

This morning I put my partials in and for the first time in a few years, I could chomp down with out feeling lots of pain… still got pain, not one tooth in my head is pain free, even the ones that had root canals and that’s because of the domestic violence the Coopers and Bagwells put my young body through… it never ceases to amaze me the number of people that beat on that small child and swear they are christian… what a joke to humanity that word is…. chrisitian…. biggest racist group of people and if you REALLY read the bible that’s all it’s about… taking what was never theirs to begin with, but that god they believe in will forgive them…you can’t fix stupid and Amazon keeps selling out of the kits… I have a thousand on back order!!!…..

Sleep was good, but not consistent, which always happens when I take 600 MG of NSAID… for some reason that impacts my brain, so I take those sparingly at night…..

Mouth hurts, but in the way it has hurt since I was a child and since I saw the surgeon and asked a few specific medical questions he would know the answer too…. just reinforces my desire to get that book written while the Coopers and Bagwells that did this to me are still alive… dead, does me no good… I think thin skinned, they will always be… just look at Trumps example…

Until we get a offer on the house, not going to worry about starting this process, will face that challenge when it happens and we have already decided, Mike and pups will go home with our junk and I will stay here to finish what I started… no other choice, it could be years before the Spokane VA does it’s job and after reading my records from that facility and the lie that was in it about being informed of PTSD in 98… yep, I’ll stay on Hawaii and get my work done, so that when I do go home…. I can use my medicare and step away from VA death care….

Still curious why the Hilo VA trashed the consults my dentist kept sending them… corruption in government is not the entity, but the humans that work for that entity… just look at Trump’s corruption and Acosta who just resigned… the privilige get special treatment… so much for equality in America… got enough money you can buy the Supreme court… just look at Thomas and Kavanaugh… both sexual predators and on the supreme court and our fearless spineless leader Trump is just as bad, if not worse…. big time sigh on that… Christians have wormed their way into our democracy and now have control over who gets raped and who gets a free ride….hope you bought chastity belts for your kids… that is the only way they will be protected from christians… and I know, in their own home, the worse will happen….

It is frustrating and I feel the tightness in my left shoulder as I brace for the day, always reminded of the curelty of christians and their mental illness… maybe someday, religion will become outlawed and they all move to a private island and leave the rest of us alone… gee that sounds like the “Stand”….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because of men like Acosta and Trump and Kavanaugh….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie, who saw those predators a mile away as christians forced her to live a lie….

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