Long day over…edited….

Well surprise about the tooth implants and I have appt next week for impressions….or casts as they called them, we always called them impressions…

Tooth extracted today an was very impressed with the surgeon and staff…

Kona must have the rudest residents that go to Costco…those peeps will run you over with a cart, so watch what rig they get into so you know to go the other way….

Get home an start putting supplies away and storage cabinet breaks under the weight🤬🤬🤬Mike went back to town to get wood to repair our storage cabinet, it holds a years worth of dry an can goods, necessary during hurricane season…

They say our Mauna loa is active an raised the alert level, naturally we live near the biggest volcano on earth and its rumbling again after many years of sleep… you drive through the last flow when you go across the mountain….

Life never dull on Hawaii, an boy is it ever hot… So glad we put AC in last year….

With them starting the implants, selling the house just got tricky… but with the market slowing an economy here rocky, I figure if we do sell, I will figure the logistics out when it happens…Mainly if I only have a couple appts left to do, ship Mike an pups home with our stuff an I rent or fly back for what ever followups, regardless, VA is paying and I am getting the work done….

Eyes next week an find out surgery date…that is on my dime, so over VA health care here…and my age change made medicare cheaper an a few more bucks in my pocket, so medicare has become my primary…VA can piss off when it comes to their bull shit….

Last night I dreamed… got a feeling the memory of the near death and stroke beating in Texas is breaking loose of its prison…

Pot done, and with all the health stuff going on, should be a long remainder of the year….

Get my eyesight back, and the oral surgeon, actually he’s a MD an DMD, but he answered my questions about the damage to my face and head via Don an Freda and confirmed what I thought… all the issues are related to domestic violence by the people who say they know their god… god of voodoo….

Nothing can be done, going with all implants will give me relief from the dental pain, but not facial pain, those nerves are damaged and now we know the cause of this past winter headache meltdown… Dental related…. just wow…I have asked dentist for decades, this was my first appt with a surgeon who does all of the procedures, board certified…

I shake my head at the decades of dental pain I have lived with… hopefully the implants will improve my quality of life…

Hope springs eternal…

Sgt USAF DAV. I Remember Margie…..

Just one question, why did Hilo VA NOT respond to the numerous consults sent in last year for dental implants…we now know it was not the clinic an they can prove it…BUT THE VA HILO office, they are the ones that were rude, obtuse, vulgar and anything BUT professional…So who at that office did I piss off???…. isn’t it nice to know federal employees pull this crap and get away with it???? We have proof of that behavior in Arkansas an El Paso… PROOF….. yet those employees still deal with patients… just wow, and people wonder why suicide is high among vets… because of how American federal employees treat us, as well as the rest of America…. at least I have mental capacity, many with PTSD, that is the final straw…. Now you get why I did not give a crap when Trump shut down government….

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