PTSD, goofball depression???

Honestly, now that I know about the stroke from when I died at 13 at Webb AFB…. in Big Springs, Texas… I get the depression and it was exaserbated by Levothyroxine… the drug designed to control women and believe me, that is exactly what it did to me for over 25 years…. been off the junk since the 2nd week of Jan and I am losing weight….

As for the depression… it is a conumdrum of topics that float past, when I feel slightly or deeply depressed and sometimes I can not figure out why I am depressed… most of the time, I know what triggered it or I can feel the chemical reaction in the brain happening…. I wonder if that is the abnormal brain wave that freaked out the doctors??? Got a feeling I may be on the right track on that….

The depression used to last, days, weeks, months, yada, yada, yada…. but, I was on Levothyroxine…. now when it happens, it’s a few minutes or a few hours, but it does not go past that point of no return, like it used too…..

Man made medication is the worse thing to ever happen to medicine, but anti-biotics are so needed….. so double edge sword when it comes to medicine in the 21st century….

Today the depression was because of the polls…. 40% of Americans like the job Trump is doing… and the first words out of my mouth to Mike “and that tells you exactly who the rapist, murderers, liars, cheats, cons and religious are…. primarily christians…” but if you are part of the 40%… that is my opinion of you… and it won’t change anytime soon… my body wears the scars of the christians of America….

As for the depression, it just made me sick what was happening at the border and the delusion that religion has caused so much suffering and I think to myself… you know it has happened before and those responsible and supportive, pay… not at your hands but they pay…. they die thinking they will be remembered as good people and that could not be the farthest thing from realty or truth…. but they die never have lived….and that is truth….

So the TV stays off the news mostly and my day is busy and active… off social media, which is mentally healthy in it’s self and finding myself getting absorbed in how to start the beginning of my book… so many chapters already to go….

We finished with the realtor and got all the video and slide shows uploaded to the real estate site… and my eyes and head feel it… so looking forward to this cataract surgery…. I am just happy I remember how to do the photo editing… it’s been a while since I did a Veterans memorial video… used to do them all the time for people… but we moved around alot and internet was never reliable, now most anyone can do the stuff….

Day over, tummy full, weather hot and under a flood watch, Barbara is going to dump on us for a day or two… Oral surgery this week, yea!!! and I get to ask a couple questions that will help with my book, the surgeon does all the stuff, so lucky on this appt… knowledge always sends me in the directions I need to go for research….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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