I got a feeling….

My instincts have gotten me through 65 years of life… not bad, when so many made every attempt to end said life and all at the hands of chrisitans… yep, still got no use for humans that buy into gods… just tells me, that closet of theirs has more skeletons than the biology lab at school….

The one thing that gets me… when I slammed my hand in the car door of that old Belair, though at the time it was new and Richard had just been born…

Well the screaming I let loose got the neighborhood noticing and the folks had to take me to the ER and get my hand looked at… that was my right hand, just for those who have really read and remember my injuries….

The guy at the clinic on base took one look at both my hands and said your daughter will have arthritis in her hands by adulthood… ya know, not one blood test in the last 45 years says I have that condition… but when you have blunt force trauma… all bets are off… but….

That does not explain my left hand and it is the one that hurts the most…. and vague memories are coming forward about superstition, school in the deep south and the fact if you said gosh or golly, you were taking their man made gods name in vain and they washed your mouth out with soap… yep, between the Bagwells, Coopers and the schools in the south, kids were raw meat for the christians…. and boy did they ever feast off our flesh….

I would say, that I was about 10 or 11 when this incident with my hand in the car door happened…. So after the boob incident with Pegs and the beating to death in Texas over Donna….

Guess what mother???

I’m back and I find it remarkable you got away with hiding your mental illness for so long… do the rest of the kids know about how you allowed rape under your own roof????

I can only imagine what would have been, if I had never lost my memories and put a stop to my so call parents up bringing of their kids….it does not last long… fantasy is all well and good, but reality and understanding the dynamics of the mental illness in the Bagwell household…. that is what really holds my interest…. and not fear of a god that never was or ever will be…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

Curious, betting those who want to know, have no clue about what we know….

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