Our Vision is so precious….

I have a daughter in law, who is blind in one eye and yet she seems to accomplish what ever she decides she wants to get done… I didn’t appreciate her struggle until my own vision started going south, north, east, west…. what ever direction those cataracts want to be… I have no say…

Today has been a real struggle and I took it out on both of us and got cranky, instead of telling Mike I was really having issues seeing….

I can see clearly one second and the next, it’s like I am looking through old fashion panty hose…. geez those things were gross….

Mike is learning, when my ears are loud with the ringing…. interrupt me slowly, so that I may take my focus off what I am doing, and one of those things is blocking the loud ringing in my ears… the brain, best toy ever and that noise in my ears is torture in its self….

Next month I see surgeon and get my pre-op done, so that Aug, I can get my sight back…. and I am so ready to see the true beauty of the nature around me and be able to read, normal size print, which big print does not work on the Iphone… just saying….

Ironic, I was born, beat to death, came back with a stroke and multiple TIA’s…. lived life anyway on my terms…. guess that is why I am such a terrible mother and sister and daughter…. no one enabled me… I sure the hell do not intend to enable anyone…. that’s religions job….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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