Trump and Christians are just my excuse to block Margie….

Ironic isn’t it… we as a spieces have always been critical of ourselves, but only after we got religion… and then it all became a head fake of excuses to commit the worse crimes against each other… because this man made god would make it all right again…

How’s that working for you????

I am angry, but when talking with Mike the other day about what I went through during the military board… all I felt was pity for the bigots who allowed a rapist and murderer to walk free, just to keep the base reputation from any more ruin…. we had lost several planes and those millions cost a base commander his job…. so now you get it… I was expendable as were my children… sick is beyond what happened… and it happens daily today in all branches of the service…

But I have been using Trump and christians as an excuse to block Margie and keep her from getting any closer to the ugly memory that is coming forward….. UGH!!! I know to much psychology….

Facing what I am doing to myself was not hard, I have thrown road blocks up before, when getting close to what happened when I died…

I know my family lied to me up till Nov 2017… when I confronted Freda and told her the state was involved about the money…. and that was all she wrote… and of course they lied to the state… such good christians… wow….

Angry yes, fed up, you betcha, with Zuckerberg and his christian bigot moderators and frankly all of the internet….but mostly with christians and Trump… the people who think they are god and know god and are children of god… I mean come on, there isn’t enough straight jackets on the planet for these yahoo’s…. and that is a True Story….

So what do I do now… what I have been doing… confronting myself and deal with the battle that is raging inside me… and quit using the health and internet crap as excuses to avoid what needs to be done… and actually that is easier said than done…

] knew this would not be easy and I knew that doing it on my own would be my hardest task to accomplish…. unlike Trump who has to ask for affirmation… which shows a mental issue in it’s self…

I have to rely on the science of neurology and psychology and hold true to the truth and not what I want it to be or anything else……

It’s all about what I tell my brain we are going to do and see if I win or the brain does and Margie had control first…. and its her demons that I am trying to straighten out….

It is mind boggling, putting this puzzle together, but the rewards have been many and satisfying… and that light at the end of the tunnel is within my reach and that is the most satisfying accomplishment of all…..

Now getting my eye surgery and this annoying tooth out of my skull, would top off this year and selling of our property and home for the holidays… would make 2019 the best year so far….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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