When you remember too much…

Last night, sleep did not come easy… Facial muscles kept locking into place, leaving me an my jaw in uncomfortableness…..

A situation again, that goes along the lines of scleroderma, something I am acutely aware could be sneaking in the door….

The damage from the beating at 5 years old that left my whole body with blunt force trauma fractures, re-injured again 3 years later an the death blow was at 13 years old, when the heart stopped and the brain left the building….

There is much my body does, that is scary, confusing…but so-very normal for a person who sustained so much damage to the body by christians….

It is beyond ironic, but every serious health issue I battle, was not inherited or genetic….

Every bit of it “Domestic Violence”, by “Christians”…. an I will pray to what ever voodoo god humans believe in, they have every opportunity to experience what I experienced at the hands of christians…

You will NEVER be the same…thanks to devil god worshipers….

Ya know, I am gonna start praying for that rapture christians believe in, if that magic act would happen, the rest of us could live on a world free of hate an bigotry perpetrators spread in the name of white mans gods….

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie….who is curious about last nights dreams…

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