What was my first clue, something was wrong??? edited

By the time I saw the military board, I had re-enlisted, got promoted, taken the E-5 test and hit a road block, was in college, while active duty and had orders for Japan along with my active duty spouse and it happened… and from what I have learned, it was illegal and violated my civil rights… but that’s a different can of worms and those involved are deceased….

During that 3 months of being rail roaded out of the military, it hit me this morning that was when my brain started waking up from all the trauma and near death I endured till the age of 18….. so about 16 years after the stroke, my brain, started waking up, because of the same trauma the Air Force put me through as an adult… the cover up of rape and attempted murder on a federal installation and my own near death 16 years earlier connected to Webb AFB, Big Springs, Texas….

The psychology I have read, says it just takes a trigger and the stress of the military board, when it should have been a medical board, pushed my mind to the brink and the behavior that last few months went on to manifested itself until my memories returned after the murders of 26 innocents in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Nov 5, 2017… 2 days later, I remembered… Margies death…. that was my trigger….

To say this has not been a roller coaster ride, I would have to say I believe in god… and neither is true…

What I have been living the last 20 months in remembering my past… it gave me a window into the soul of Margie and the child she was… The kind of person Margie was is what Freda & Peggy wanted to be… a good person and because they could not control Margie, they tried to destroy her… Envy…. isn’t that one of the deadly sins christians believe in????

What is happening now is a transition into acceptance and channeling my anger into something more positive and fruitful…. I will get their, I have faith in me…

TMT telescope has been approved and construction starts this summer… which means a lot of people will be moving here to build it over the next 10 years and they start… this summer… so I expect to get my asking price and we should be home by next spring at the latest….

Eye surgeon appointment made and I am biting the bullet for the good lenses so I can quit wearing glass’s… they always make my head hurt…

TimesUp #MeYoo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

FYI, I am not called by any other name but Maggi….. only those who hate and revile me call me by my birth name...a grandchild chose that path, an rude awakening one day, will be…..😈

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