Trump kills Veterans health care…edited

Get this package in the mail, that says I can go here and there and I have choices… but I got to keep my care in 40 miles of where I live and since I am on a Island… you figure it out…

So I call Tri west and tell them I would like a refer to the other side of the island and get told we no longer have Tri-west, Trump took it away from us and gave control back to the VA!!!

So, what do I do… Call my primary and ask for a referral and bypass Oahu….

I documented on the blog how the clinic on the Hilo side did the cattle drive mentality of making money and not patient care… these are my eyes… not green backs…

My other option…. drop the price on the house and hope we sell before the end of summer and get this taken care of after we get home… which would be Spokane or Wentachee…..

My body is still shaking with the lack of professionalism I just dealt with, I called the lady naive and she proceeded to chastise me…. children, no respect for elders and I will not be calling them back as they are no longer employed for us….

As for my eyes…. again, we likely will lower price of house and hope to be out of here by fall and I can get my eyes done by doctors I trust and not who the government says I have to use…..

Oahu is definitely now playing god and when Obama took out so many directors for doing the same thing, we still lost thousands of veterans… suicide will climb, homeless and addiction will climb and mental illness will take more than you can imagine… all because Trump thinks veterans are his slaves… as are you… dictators take, they never give…just as the god you believe in…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

I do have medicare an if house does not sell, I can make use of it an use who I want, just got to have my eye doc send referral an I bypass the VA gods….. just more money out of my pocket, but options make for a more rational thought process….

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