Tooth coming out???

Jimminey Crickets… got a call from the dentist and they got approval today to have the tooth extracted on the VA’s dime… just a FYI… Now when that will be, not big deal to me now… the antibiotic the doc gave me for the bladder/kidney thing, made the issue in my mouth better, so an infection was going on, even if it was not on X-ray….

I was cordial, when health care went the way it did today, I lose respect for the professionals I am dealing with… right now, I’ll just be glad to get this tooth, that is the obvious pain I have had for a year now… which is well documented in the blog…. geez, that will be a lot for me to reread…but be glad to have it out, the bone is not as sore today, neither is my cheek… I so missed all the signs…

Now it’s wait for the oral surgeons office to give me a call… never, ever heard of making a patient with a maxillary tooth that was roting under a bridge, have to keep it in their mouths any longer than necessary, because you are so close to the brain….

Said it from the start some place, this blog is Mikes ticket if I die suddenly… and he already has a good lawyer and that is a True Story… mine, not so much…

Waiting for docs office to call and tell new anti biotic ordered or dosage increased for another 3 days, if it’s not cleared up then… it means a office visit…. 2 weeks ago Friday this nightmare of throne affection started… I am ready for it to be over… just saying…. women are so blessed with our anatomy… entertainment section right next to a waste dump… you know who ever thought we were created, couldn’t have been that stupid… but evolution was… again… just saying the obvious…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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