Nuances of PTSD

I had to pause for a moment before writing, an all that has transpired since the Sutherland Springs, Texas killing, played thru my mind an it felt light an yet still so heavy….

Quitting Levothyroxine has had a slight impact negatively, but a short time only with my hair an nails…. The Premarin cream stopped last month an other than being a woman an human, everything is quiet…even with my tooth saying hello…VA, what a utter failure… on the mainland, I would have had the procedure done already, here, they play god, because where else you going to go???

The nuances of this depression as it peels away…makes it easy to relax an allow the ugly that went on in that christian home, show its self to me…. some trepidation is there, as is normal… Face this one day at a time… Yet if you are aware, you know it an feel it, the change as the PTSD evolves…

Will I ever be free??? I have hope, the one thing on this planet no one can take…

The damaged sector of my brain impacts emotions, such as excitement, fear, love…etc… I will never see the world the way anyone else does, ever…. I did not choose this option, it was done for me by the people who had control…..

All I did, remember….

I have Hope… I will remember it all….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember Margie….

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