PTSD Nightmares are still here….

You never know what will flash before your eyes or what will come forward in a nightmare…. PTSD is not selective on its torment… it’s just torment…

Today while doing our couple of miles, I told Mike it was still a shock to the brain or conciousness, knowing what my mother and father did to a child and how my sister took my situation and made it hers…

I had read case studies in psychololgy, where the parent went to extremes to cause harm to their partners and children, just so they could get attention… what my sister did… was literally take my place, in the story line only… I am the only one with the broken bones, and internal injuries…

Adjusting to the knowledge of what transpired behind closed doors and how the good christians of Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana allowed it to happen and it continues to this day by judges like Moore… rape in the name of god and the right to harm a child… that is the christian faith….

Angry… yes I am still so very angry… but not in the way that it will harm my health… I am angry that christians raped me… I am angry that christians beat me to death…. I am angry that christians lied to me and they did all that before I was 16 years old…. so I really do not have any use for the suedo christian faith people spout….

Will I ever not be angry… Yes… some day that will happen and that is when I will be able to put the story to pen and tell how a little girls only mistake….

Do exactly what the christian bible said… tell the truth… and Margie’s body carries the scars of the beating for telling the truth… I can’t help but shake my head about the insanity of the people on this planet and how easily they have been told they are worth nothing without a god… how very sad and pathetic those lives are… they are missing out on so much of true living….

Freedom from the bigotry and hate of gods and their falicies…..

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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