What will the Trumps pull tomorrow???

I thought after Nixon, there would never be another crook in the white house…. boy where we all wrong…

Sitting and watching “Spaces Deepest Secrets” and my mind went to the thought, wonder what Trump will pull tomorrow…

I used to think that way about my parents… I always had to plan, extrapalate, calculate and even when I did all I could to protect myself… those 2, Don & Freda would go and do something stupid and of course, I had a thought about their actions…. some christians really are thinned skinned…. look at Trump….

When you have lived your whole life in “Fight or Flight mode”…. the paranoia gangs up and makes for some real Tom and Jerry time…..

It just goes to show ya, when you are fighting the christian devils for your soul, they never disappoint with their insane reasons…. I mean come on… look at Trump!!!

Lately, its been lots of thought on the layout of the book… Since I struggle to see, most of it is committed to memory…. and the blog does the memory joggle…. come to find out at the Vets office today, when the pups got their shots for the move, the eye clinic I went to, did not properly sedate a patient and they felt the whole procedure… so yep, it will be mainland before I let someone touch my eyes…

So what will Trump pull tomorrow… used to be my thought about my mother, father, and siblings… now when they come to mind… I shake my head and thank the stars, my brain came from them… the stars that is and not my families god… cause they be bat shit crazy…. just look at Trump…. christians that is….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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