Texas stroke evidence….

I said I never scuffed my shoes before age 13… I turn 65 soon and I can remember on Japan, which puts us there after the stroke an when the TIA (brain bleed) happened and no more Sunday school, yada, yada, an my shoes start to wear like this….

I had that aha moment 5/16/19…. Every couple years I have to get new shoes, because I wear a hole in this area on every tennis shoe an scuff leather ones…. all because I am compensating for the weak side of my body impacted by the stroke…

All done by the hands of American christians…. an Trump, the big baby wonders why no one likes him…I am enjoying the down fall of religion an the GOP…..

I may never get justice, but life has a habit of satisfying the need for revenge, by just dishing out reality…an that is so much better than revenge….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, ask the christians, they are psychic…

I remember Margie…


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